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Attic Cleanup & Rubbish Removal

Cleaning Out Your Attic

We’ve all heard of the term “cleaning out your closet”, but now it’s time to clean out your attic! Sometimes, or most often times, our attic takes the back seat to other rooms in our home. And considering we don’t often use our attic, this is completely understandable. With that being said - it’s time. There are many good reasons to clean out your attic, and when you don’t feel like doing it on your own, we are here to help!

What can we do for you?

  • We can clean out your attic and indoor space
  • We can clean your attic insulation
  • We can replace your attic insultation
  • We can remove droppings, faces, urine, and carcasses left behind from rodents
  • We can help to block rodent entry points and keep rodents out of your home
  • We can install rodent barriers
  • We can reduce your energy bills

Why should you invest in cleaning out your attic?

Yes, we know, cleaning out your attic is probably one of the last priorities on your to do list. This is especially true if your attic is something that you don’t use often. But the truth is that there are many benefits to taking the time to do this:

  • It clears up space - Many times we throw things that we don’t need or don’t use into our attics and forget about them. Cleaning out our attic makes room for more usable space. And while we’re cleaning it out, we may even find some old treasures that we forgot about!
  • You can make some extra cash - Clean out your attic and sell the things that you don’t need for some extra cash!
  • It gives you extra living space - Why not turn that attic into some extra living space? With some new insulation and a little bit of work, your attic can add even more value to your home.
  • It improves your living conditions - When we ignore our attic for long periods of time, it can create major health hazards. Dust, mold, rodents, and other pests can create unsafe living environments for you and your family. Cleaning out your attic can help to remove these hazards, making your living space a much cleaner and safer one.
  • It improves your energy efficiency - By replacing old insulation in your attic with a better product, your home instantly becomes more energy efficient and saves you money on your energy bills.

Why choose us?

Yes, you can clean out your attic yourself, but let’s be realistic - this is a big job that requires a great deal of unpleasant cleaning and work. With the help of our attic cleaning service, we can save you the time and hassle. We have all of the proper tools handy and readily available to clean out your attic quickly, safely, and effectively. And in addition to cleaning out your attic, we can also add insulation, or clean your existing insulation with top of the line products that kill over 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

In addition, we can also deal with rodent infestations. DIY attic cleaning after infestation can be extremely dangerous and hazardous to your health. In return, it should never be done without the proper equipment and safety training. Why is it so dangerous? Rodents carry a number of dangerous diseases that can be deadly to you and your family. Even once the rodents are gone, these contaminants can still be there. With our cleaning service, you can ensure the job is done safely, and no one will be put at risk.

The next time your cleaning out your closet, why not clean out your attic too? Call us today for help!

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