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Ata Remodeling & Insulation, Inc has been serving customers for the past eighteen years with the sole objective of making sure the quality is top-notch while it maintains the simplistic approach that every homeowner will benefit, appreciate and be truly proud to call their home. As a company rooted in practicality, our work is surely guaranteed to be sensible, effective, realistic & sustainable. You’re sure to know that from the moment you get in touch with us, to the moment we finish your home improvements, that satisfaction is not only guaranteed but is something we give as the bare minimum. We provide high quality home improvement as we believe all homeowners should have homes they would love to go back to.

Our company started with an aspiring entrepreneur working on his own in a small garage unit that eventually expanded to a team of more than 10 members, collaborating in a spacious office right in the heart of San Fernando valley. We ensure we provide a simple yet creative environment for our team to ensure the fire of efficiency, practicality, and stylish home improvement remains ever-present within us. In fact, Ata Remodeling & Insulation, Inc. upholds (6) core values that we live by each and every day. These help guide us to be better professionals in the field and to ensure we provide only top-caliber service for you. Our service offerings are ensured to be tailored to your needs – and as such processes from when you start communicating with us, to when we talk about your projects, to when we actually execute the project, are always done with a kind of sophistication, meticulousness, and professionalism that we take pride in.

We believe in the values of knowledge, where we ensure our team is always in the loop when it comes to the latest developments in home improvement, and that we continuously hone our skills to provide top-caliber service. At the same time, we ensure we use that knowledge to make sure we help you make informed decisions about your projects with us. We do this with calmness and positivity, a more relaxed outlook can do a great deal in helping make someone’s day. The complexities of every home renovation can be exhausting but we mitigate our demanding work environment with pleasantness. After all, a happy workday is a productive workday.

In the same token, we value fairness and practicality, as we show our professionalism through the kind of work we provide our clients. We don’t make promises we can’t keep, and we maintain openness, professionalism, honesty and fairness towards our clients. We use systems that are simple but carefully-tailored to your needs, ensuring everything has a smooth flow to follow to avoid any misconceptions. As such, we make sure you know everything we do with your projects, and you’re always with the loop with whatever’s happening every step of the way. We don’t do things haphazardly, and we don’t rely on complicated systems when there are simpler ways of doing things. We approach our designs with a focus on keeping it simple and practical for your needs. If you have a design you want to fulfill, we tell you if it’s possible and how we can make it happen.

Lastly, we believe in a team achievement method. We believe that being associated with Ata Remodeling & Insulation, Inc. and the projects we do means being involved with a team invested in your success. Our victory is not just ours alone, but also the victory of our peers, government agencies, clients, suppliers. Here in Fidelity Builders & Design, Inc., we’re with you every step of the way.

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